about me

My name is Aadnyankita Ghorpade from Mumbai,India. I’m a Freelance Yoga Instructor and Trainer

My Yoga Journey


Starting yoga at the early age of 4 was an amazing experience observing my elder sister’s practice and then practicing on my own inspired me a lot.

After few years,I found a yoga book in my house, with basic Asanas in it. I was too young to be able to read a book, so I asked my mother to read it for me, according to her instructions I started practicing. Few years later around 2010-11 my mother took me to a yoga class where group of senior citizens would come together for yoga practice, and interestingly I found some yoga charts on wall, I got to know about more new asanas to practice.


Later I began to practice Karate and yoga , during that time I found new people of similar age who loved to practice yoga, so I started practicing with them. After a year I was given an opportunity to teach both Yoga & Karate to kids of 6-18 years of age group.I was learning everyday to teach them, to know students abilities, strengthens and weakness.


This is the year when I finally got an access to internet. I found Kino MacGregor as an inspiration on YouTube, after which I started practicing with intermediate asanas and advance asanas and this proved to be the turning point of my life when I finally gained knowledge on practicing yoga, breathing techniques and alignments so I started my own page on instagram as aadnyayoga, which slowly started growing and people got inspired through it too. I personally thank Kino for her videos which inspired me to be a teacher and made me work more on my strengths and capabilities.


Finally I began freelancing as a yoga teacher, I had 2-3 students. It wasn’t affordable to rent a place or studio so I started giving sessions at home. I had to do other job because of not getting enough support from family. Luckily I had off on  weekends so began to continue with my Sessions. One thing was always missing in it, which was “teacher training certificate”. I decided to be a full time teacher, that’s all I wanted for these years. During Covid -19 I lost my job, and was not able to a afford teacher training certificate.


Accidentally, one day I saw an advertisement on Instagram from OFCOURSE learning and  started my training with them in July 2020 and finally got my certification as CTAA Accredited Yoga Teacher. I am planning to learn more by doing advance yoga trainings.

My Online Workshop

Recently, I started with an online session, 5 Days of training so as the students learn basic yoga, pranayama and meditation. You can check more details about it here. If you wish to contact me for additional details or just want to say a Hi you can contact me at contact@aadnyayoga.in

Thank you to all of them who supported me directly or indirectly, and thank you to my students for being a part with Aadnyayoga.